A Finnish Fable

A Finnish Fable

What is A Finnish Fable?

A Finnish Fable is a cheery platformer set in Iron Age Finland. Run, jump, and arrow-climb through levels while avoiding squirrels and moose(meese?). Enjoy cloudberries to replenish your health and listen to Finnish folk songs in the background.

Planning starts

Dev BlogPosted by Wes Mon, November 07, 2016 08:35PM
As we said in the last post, our new demo is out and we are happy to say that the downloads more than doubled and we have heard a lot of good things from many people who have played the demo. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who played the demo and thank you for all your kind words. It's nice to see that people enjoy our gmae and it gives us great motivation to continue the project and make it the best it can be.

This week was much less stressful than last week since we were trying to add a whole bunch of feratures before we turn in our game to M'Dieval game jam. We started planning what we wanted to finish before our next demo and we kicked up marketing a notch. We made a Facebook, Twitter, and a subreddit for the game for people who want to get small updates of our game on their news feed. Also, we should have a new trailer soon which we will post about once it is out. It's in the works.

For next week going forward, we should be able to ramp up and be able to work on the game a little bit more now. We are planning big things for this game so stay tuned.

Here are the links for the Facebook and Twitter page and also for the subreddit.

Moi Moi,
AFF team

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