A Finnish Fable

A Finnish Fable

What is A Finnish Fable?

A Finnish Fable is a cheery platformer set in Iron Age Finland. Run, jump, and arrow-climb through levels while avoiding squirrels and moose(meese?). Enjoy cloudberries to replenish your health and listen to Finnish folk songs in the background.

AFF Status

Dev BlogPosted by Mitomon Mon, October 10, 2016 01:03PM
Time for another blog post. I'll start off with a brief description on our progress. Since last Monday's much anticipated(by us at least) demo release, the AFF team has been hard at work polishing and adding new game mechanics. Also, in an attempt to spread the word, we've entered our baby AFF into the M'Dieval game jam on itch.io.

In regard to the aforementioned features, the most prominent addition to AFF has been improved art. I've added a new enemy character with walking and attacking animations. This small critter may look adorable when scampering around the castle, but be warned, it will run like a devil after you if you are spotted. Fortunately for you, the current version of this enemy has as much life as a crab; it's easy to kill. Meanwhile, Wes, AKA shogun656, added start and end screens, giving the game a more professional look.

This weekend, my laptop was on vacation, so I worked off of my phone. Making art on a smartphone proved to be quite frustrating, therefore, graphical art production stagnated. However, this allowed me more time to work on the audio of the game. Our current theme song, Ievan Polkka, seemed quite lonely in it's lone spot on the soundtrack, so I set out to learn and arrange another song to keep it company. So far, I've arranged versions of Sakkijarven Polkka, Vem Kan Segla, and Konevitsan Kirkonkellot. These have not been recorded digitally, put have their own spots in my musician's notepad. Sakkijarven Polkka will rival Ievan Polkka's awesomeness as a level song, while VKS and KK will make great cutscene and ending themes because of their innate sadness. While I struggled to find tutorials or sheet music for obscure Finnish songs, Wes was busy working on both the user interface elements of the game, and the gameplay and graphical appeal. He added a damage indicator in the form of a red flash on a hurt character. He also added a pushback when hit, enabling enemies to be shot into the abyss. Adding the title and death screens proved to be taxing on the code, so Wes had to write batch after batch of Java to get them to work properly.

This week, we plan on finishing animations for all of our current enemies, making a teaser video, and adding new art and audio to the game. If you haven't downloaded the demo yet, head on over to the itch.io page and get yourself a copy.

Moi Moi,
AFF Team

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