A Finnish Fable

A Finnish Fable

What is A Finnish Fable?

A Finnish Fable is a cheery platformer set in Iron Age Finland. Run, jump, and arrow-climb through levels while avoiding squirrels and moose(meese?). Enjoy cloudberries to replenish your health and listen to Finnish folk songs in the background.

We're Not Dead

Dev BlogPosted by Mitomon Wed, June 14, 2017 12:19AM

Haha, looks like Wes is taking too long on those shaders…

In all seriousness though, we apologize for not informing you like we used to. We had some issues to take care of in the real world before continuing this wonderful project and unfortunately neglected to keep you, our loyal fans, informed. However, we’re back on track and will be until our release later this year. We will never again leave you guys in the dark, and to demonstrate our commitment, we’ve updated the site to include a mailing list! Here’s a link to the official AFF mailing list. This is important, not only for you guys, but for us as well. You keep us going and it’s really nice to hear from fans. We’ll email you guys every time we post on the blog and also to share super-secret screenshots. I've also just put up an 8bit version of Ievan Polka on Soundcloud. Check it out here.

Well, that’s it for this apology post.

Thanks for your support and understanding,

The AFF Team

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