A Finnish Fable

A Finnish Fable

What is A Finnish Fable?

A Finnish Fable is a cheery platformer set in Iron Age Finland. Run, jump, and arrow-climb through levels while avoiding squirrels and moose(meese?). Enjoy cloudberries to replenish your health and listen to Finnish folk songs in the background.

Getting Back on Track

Dev BlogPosted by Wes Mon, December 19, 2016 04:01PM
Exams are finally done!!!!!!! Time to get back to working on A Finnish Fable. We are hoping to get a lot done this break. We have big plans for this game and Mitomon and I discussed how long do we expect this game will take. We came up with a new release date for A Finnish Fable and that date is April 2017. We are going to hand craft each level and all the bosses so expect some great things. Next week we will have a big update for A Finnish Fable so be ready for it.

Moi Moi,

AFF Team

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Posted by Wes Wed, December 28, 2016 12:35PM

Thank you for your support. We really appreciate it. This game is fun to make and it's nice to see others are excited about too.

Posted by IRCsaunaLinux Wed, December 28, 2016 12:17PM

Looking forward to this as a fan of Showel Knight and the likes :)